Galati Emergency Fund – Safe Refugees


Galati Community Foundation has joined the sustained efforts of the Romanian civil society, impressively mobilized in recent days to support refugees from our country’s borders, fleeing the war in Ukraine.


In order to support the humanitarian efforts that our country is making, we provide the local community of Galati with our platform to mobilize financial resources and launch the Galati Emergency Fund – Safe Refugees.


We invite all people who wish to contribute to the humanitarian efforts to donate through the Galati Community Foundation platform. We are committed to manage these amounts in a transparent way, to constantly inform the community about the mobilized amounts and to support, through this Fund, the Romanian civil society’s humanitarian efforts.


Through the Galati Emergency Fund – Safe Refugees we wish to address the urgent as well as the medium and long-term needs of people fleeing the war in Ukraine, which may be related to housing, food, medical, social, psychological, educational or legal services, needs related transportation or their safety or guiding the refugees for adult employment.


Galați Community Foundation will support these needs by providing non-reimbursable funding to non-governmental organizations involved in these efforts in the form of grants.




Get involved and donate any amount by credit card.


The donated funds will be directed by the Galați Community Foundation in the form of a grant (non-reimbursable funding) to the Galati organizations directly involved in providing support to Ukrainian citizens. The Galati organizations will be identified following the organized application and selection process.


FCG will deduct from the amount of individual donations (excluding individual donations) only the imposed platform fees and bank fees.



Galați Community Foundation will enter into sponsorship contracts with legal entities wishing to contribute to the Galați Emergency Fund – Safe Refugees, while benefiting from tax deductions regulated by the Sponsorship Law no. 32/1994.


Galați Community Foundation will direct 3% of the sponsored amount to cover bank and operational fees related to sponsorship administration.


De asemenea, Fundația Comunitară Galați va oferi sponsorului de tip persoană juridică oportunitatea de a susține activitatea și costurile administrative ale Fundației Comunitare Galați printr-o sumă aleasă de acesta, ca parte integrantă a contractului de sponsorizare sau prin contractare separată, de asemenea poate oferi sponsorului și oportunitatea de a susține și alte Programe ale Fundației.


Galați Community Foundation will also offer the legal entity sponsor the opportunity to support the activity and administrative costs of the Galați Community Foundation through an amount at the sponsor’s choice, as an integral part of the sponsorship contract or through a separate contract, and may also offer the sponsor the opportunity to support other Foundation Programs.

  • Are you from outside Romania?


You can now support the NGOs provide immediate help to Ukrainians in need, present at the Romanian borders. Your donation will be transformed into funds for verified organizations, with the capacity to provide accommodation, food, transport, medical help, legal services, translators and everything they need. Donate via Paypal and the Galati Community Foundation will direct these amounts to the NGOs authorized to provide immediate assistance.

  • About the Galati Community Foundation


Member of the “Romanian Federation of Community Foundations” (F.F.C.R.), in partnership with the Romanian American Foundation (R.A.F), F.C.G. empowers Galati’s civil society and local NGOs to transform the Galati community in a better place to live in.


The Galati Community Foundation manages the joint efforts to mobilize sponsors and donors by providing the community with a platform for individual donations and facilitating sponsorships.

The amounts mobilized through this Fund will be directed to non-governmental organizations in Galati County that support Ukrainian refugees, whether in transit or political asylum seekers, in various forms, in the short, medium and/or long term.

The Galati Community Foundation will fund these organizations in Galati by awarding a grant (non-reimbursable funding), according to the operating standards of the Romanian Community Foundations, as well as the grant award procedure mentioned below.


Grant award:


The Galati Community Foundation is committed to increasing the capacity of Galati’s non-governmental organizations, which are at the forefront of responding to and assisting Ukrainians in Galati County.


The first call for funding will be made when the fund budget reaches a minimum of 20,000 lei, through which we plan to award 2 to 4 grants. 



The first call for proposals launches today, 14.03.2022. Therefore, we invite all NGOs involved in providing direct assistance to Ukrainians, to apply for funding by filling out the form here.

The call for proposals is open until 19.03.2022, 23:59. We plan on funding 2 to 4 grants with a minimum award of 5000 lei/project. Please read the guidelines and description of our call here.


The funding decision will be made by an independent, apolitical selection committee, which is not involved in any organization that could access the funds and does not hold any administrative position in the public institutions involved in refugee management. The committee will be composed of 3 people, one of whom will represent the Galati Community Foundation.


The Galati Community Foundation (GCF) will enter into funding contracts with partner NGOs, contracts that comply with the operating standards of the Romanian Community Foundations, as well as the standard grant awarding procedure specific to the Galati Community Foundation.


In order to access funding, the Foundation will periodically invite active NGOs to access the mobilized funds by completing a grant application in which the NGO will detail the type of effort it will make in this campaign, for whom, the duration and requested funding.


Eligible expenses that an organization can apply for must be directly related to addressing the identified needs of refugees and a maximum of 10% can go towards supporting the organization’s administrative costs. These administrative costs may refer to an employee’s remuneration, volunteers’ food and transport, accounting payments, etc.


The selection criteria are:


– The organization’s experience of working with beneficiaries and their expertise in the type of activity proposed in the project.

– Organization’s operationality in implementing the project.

– Number and type of beneficiaries.


The funded project will be monitored by FCG while the beneficiaries will submit a report at the end of the intervention consisting of a narrative description of the intervention and a summary of the incurred expenses. Financial supporting documents will be submitted in copy with the report, together with photographs of the intervention.

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For more information about the Safe Refugee Emergency Fund or other FCG initiatives to support refugees, please contact us at


Moreover, you may find all the information related to the activities of the local support team we are part of, together with other NGOs and the Galati Prefect’s Institution, here:  ELSGalati


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